Benefits of video

With the explosion of the Internet, and more recently social media and YouTube, there has been much talk about the many benefits of video production for businesses. In spite of this, many companies struggle with the concept of including video in their overall marketing plan. Here are a few reasons why your business can benefit from video by including it as a part of your business’ promotional strategy.

Bottom line

The investment in video can pay off

  • Provides a multi-dimensional message (i.e. audio and video) that is often more compelling, impactful and engaging than strict copy or audio only.
  • Video can have a relatively long “shelf life”.
  • Produces a relatively high return on your investment over the life of the video.
  • Video can be spread across multiple distribution channels simultaneously, thereby reaching your target market more effectively and contributing to revenue and profit growth.

Brand Image and Awareness

Video enables your brand stand to out from the crowd

  • The benefit of video is it provides another visual element for your brand, helping you to broaden your brand’s exposure through this visual medium.
  • Elicits an emotional connection to your brand; video can convey key attributes that are more difficult to communicate through other mediums.
  • Can create an experiential and an aspirational dimension for your brand.
  • Communicate your key messages and value proposition to your clients in a clear and effective manner.
  • Better position and align the company with its key target markets and attributes.
  • Increase brand awareness online and off.
  • Creates legitimacy and credibility around your brand and business.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Maximize your ability to connect with your target market across a variety of platforms

  • Video can be uploaded to your website, YouTube channel, Vimeo, email newsletter, mobile platform, etc., broadening your reach and exposure across multiple channels.
  • Optimize your website’s search rankings, attracting traffic and potential clients to your site.
  • Marketing through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) allows for immediate client feedback and engagement.
  • Benefit from a video product that can be repurposed in a number of different ways.

Tap into New Markets and New Client Segments

Video can Open your Business to New Markets and Opportunities

  • Through language versioning, you can target your products and services to specific niche markets in a highly creative and compelling manner.
  • You can develop a more intimate connection with your audience by communicating with them in their native language, leveraging their culture and norms.
  • Use the Internet and language versioning to cut across traditional geographic boundaries to build your business and brand in new regions and markets.

The benefits of video production are both numerous and powerful. Harness this power and profit from the gains this will manifest for your business. At Nettel Media, we provide both corporate videos as well as broadcast videos that can help you gain an advantage in your marketplace. Contact us to find out how you can incorporate the benefits of video into your marketing efforts.