4K – What is it and why are people talking about it?

Posted on: November 13, 2014 by Nettel Media

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4K – What is it and why are people talking about it?

In the technology, video marketing and cinematic world, 4K is getting a lot of buzz, so much so that it is being touted as the “next big thing”. So what’s all the buzz about?


4K, or ultra-high definition television is the highest possible video resolution format available today. It is approximately 4000 horizontal pixels, which is a four times higher image definition than Full 1080p High Definition. In other words, 4K definition is eight million pixels, whereas 1080p is two million.


While it’s certain that the popularity and demand for 4K will increase due to its fine detail and extreme clarity, the current cost is definitely a drawback. Some of the first 4K television sets that came into the market from brands like Sony and LG ranged in price from $10,000 and up, mainly due to the size of the screens (about 85 inches). As screen sizes have started to go down with all current ones being 50 inches or larger, so has the price.


However, at this moment there is limited availability of 4K material for TV audiences. While broadcasters are slowly moving to producing TV shows in 4K, such as Netflix with House of Cards, theatrical film releases are the ones mainly using this technology as the movie industry quickly moves away from traditional film. For broadcasters, producing in 4K not only means upgrading their cameras and editing tools, but all infrastructure for studios, data storage, transmission, etc.


So should businesses, especially small ones, be thinking about producing their video messages in 4K? While this is a no brainer for larger corporations, small businesses might want to think twice before embarking into this kind of production. Certainly 4K content can be achieved with cameras such as the new Panasonic GH4 DSLR currently used by The Globe and Mail. There are other factors to consider.


To determine if 4K is worth the investment for your company, it is important to ask such things as where will the video be seen? Will the content be for theatrical release or just for web use? Will the content be re-purposed later on and thus has a long shelf-life, or will it be obsolete within a year? And last but not least, what is the budget? The key question to ask is if the investment in 4K is worth it or not. For some it will be, for others HD might be a more viable solution.


For more information about 4K, check out this video TeckRadar posted on their YouTube channel.


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