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We live in a very busy time, both online and offline. Online, you may be trying to get your latest blog post noticed, working on a new project under a tight deadline or sending emails back and forth between clients. Offline you may also be working on a new project and managing time between work, family and friends. With all of this business to keep track of, it may be easy to just put your head down and keep trucking along but you shouldn’t forget the value of a thank you or of acknowledging members of your community. That’s how relationships are formed and maintained, and how companies stay competitive and get noticed. 


It’s important to ensure it’s more than just a simple “Thank You”. Be specific about why you are thanking that individual, client or vendor. For example, if someone leaves a nice comment on your webpage, blog post or video channel, thank them for visiting the page, acknowledge their comment and provide your own opinion or share some additional information if they were asking for it. 


By making a comment like this, the user will feel like they’re welcome on your page and you will be establishing rapport with them. Studies show that this individual will be more likely to return to your page, purchase your product or service and recommend it to a friend. This also goes for those that comment on your social pages and email you.


Offline, why not send a personalized card? This shows that you took the time to really think about them beyond a short email or comment. This will have a real impact on your client/customer/friend and will go a long way in building the relationship. Also, if you truly valued the service a vendor provided, refer them to other businesses or friends who may also be looking for their service.


Finally, be genuine. It’s very easy for people to pick up on a company or individual that isn’t being real, particularly when they’re giving out thank you’s or identical responses to every single comment. 


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