Branding Online-Where to Begin?

Posted on: December 03, 2012 by Nettel Media

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Branding Online-Where to Begin?

This is the first post of a two-part blog series on online branding. 

   Thinking about bringing your brand online? Perhaps you have a website and you’re looking to expand your audience to social media websites. Maybe you are hoping to leverage the Net to learn more about your customers. Regardless of your intentions, your overall goal is to get more people buying what you’re selling and branding your business in a positive way – harnessing online profiles is the key to success.



Before you jump right in and begin to make profiles on various social media websites, make sure you have a clear outline of “who” your brand is. That is to say, ensure that you are aware of the character of your brand. What qualities do you want your audience to associate with your brand, and how will you display those qualities online? An important part of this involves identifying and understanding who your audience is, both offline and online.



Once you have an idea of “who” your brand is, you will need to decide where to best establish yourself. What you post will depend on where you post it. For example, Twitter’s 140 character limit is ideal for headlines, links, replying and sharing information with your audience– in other words, a great opportunity to refer people to other sources (like your webpage!). Facebook, which is also great for sharing, is ideal for inviting a conversation and to engage your audience through commenting on photos, asking questions, and posting albums of photos of your products, your locations, or graphics that your team may create. LinkedIn is a great place to demonstrate thought leadership and join groups to network with other likeminded individuals and companies.


We recommend you begin with these social media websites, as they are three of the most popular social media websites today. Take the time to explore the types of conversations that are happening on these social media networks, and pay careful attention to conversations surrounding brands that offer a similar product/service as you. What seems to be working for these brands and what are people saying about them (both positive and negative)?


When we create a video at Nettel Media, we take into consideration those questions that define your brand. It is key to ensure that a video truly represents what your business is and fully connects with your audience. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.


Want to learn more? Stay tuned for Part Two!

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