Can producing your own video damage your brand?

Posted on: January 21, 2013 by Nettel Media

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When starting a business, many entrepreneurs look for ways to save money, while still aiming to promote their brand in an effective manner. For many, this means creating one’s own logo, business cards, web content, and maybe even creating a video. A video showcasing your businesses can be effective, but only if it is done properly. The affordability of video technology and accessibility to online tutorials make it seem as if creating a professional looking video for your brand is a feasible option. However the end result often does not turn out as planned, and both the clients and yourself may end up disappointed with the outcome.


Few individuals know how to properly and best use the tools available to create an effective video. This can negatively impact the image that your clients and potential customers have of your business. Further, many businesses that shoot their own videos may be unaware of copyright laws and other legal considerations which could result in potential lawsuits or claims once the video is released to the public, which also would not reflect well on your business.


The culture that we live in is very visual. If an individual sees an amateur looking video of a company that actually does professional work, they could lose potential customers. It is no coincidence that many large corporations invest great amounts of money to create videos, commercials, and other visual promotions to ensure the image of their brand is one that equates to a brand that delivers quality and is one that consumers can trust.


Just because many home videos on YouTube have thousands and millions of clicks does not mean that the same tactic will work for your company’s video. Home videos have sentimental value to individuals, and the quality is often not an issue with viewers. Further, home videos are created for the purpose of entertainment, not to sell a service or product.


If a business wants to seriously consider using video as a marketing tool, then it needs to allocate resources to this initiative. A budget should be established, not only to ensure a quality end-product but to ensure the company you hire will complete their required due diligence when it comes to copyright and the legal aspects of video. It is much better to wait and launch a video once a business is ready than to put forward a bad image that you might have to fix later.


If you are thinking about creating a video for your business, or are looking for a company that can deliver on the promise of creating a professional video, look no further. Contact us to arrange a meeting to find out more about our video production process.


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