Competitive Advertising

Posted on: January 29, 2014 by Nettel Media

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Competitive Advertising

What comes to mind when you think of competitive advertising? Pepsi vs Coca-Cola? Samsung vs iPhone?

Competitive advertising occurs when one brand positions itself as directly superior to another brand by putting the two brands “head to head” to demonstrate the benefits of the brand. Most often, this happens with consumer goods such as cleaning supplies, beverages and cellphones. One recent example is Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” ad, which pokes fun at the individuals who wait hours in a line for the new iPhone.


Without even mentioning the iPhone, viewers know right away who they are due to the white headphones and signage. The message is that the Samsung Galaxy S3 already has better features than the new iPhone 5 – large screen, instant sharing. One of the characters is holding the line for his parents, demonstrating that the iPhone is out of date without even saying it.


When deciding to produce a competitive advertisement, one of the most important aspects to ensure is believability. If consumers do not believe that your product truly has the qualities that it’s promoting, they will not buy the messaging, and as a result they may be less inclined to buy your product.


According to AdStandards, the advertisement must be “a fair and factual comparison of similar properties, features, ingredients, benefits or performance…” Other key legal issues involved with comparative advertising in Canada include copyright and trademark rights. In many cases showing or reproducing a label or logo of a competitor can be grounds for copyright infringement.


Further, it is important to recognize that when creating a comparative advertisement, you may be creating sympathy for another brand and doing yourself a disfavour. In fact, many people believe that Coca-Cola benefited from the Pepsi Taste Challenge, where individuals were asked which cola they preferred in a blind taste test.


It is important to think strategically about your advertising strategy. Although there are many benefits to competitive advertising, it is of the upmost importance that it is done properly.


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