Creating a video for the right reasons

Posted on: April 30, 2015 by Nettel Media

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Creating a video for the right reasons

Let’s talk politics. Video politics. Your boss may approach you, or a stakeholder who has lots of ideas about a video that they think will be effective. However the video idea they’re describing doesn’t sound like it communicates the benefits of a product of service. What it sounds like is a long video packed full of interviews with people who your boss or stakeholder wants to make sure feel happy about appearing on the screen, even if their participation doesn't contribute to the overall message of the final product. Doesn’t sound so effective after all.


Before you agree to move forward with this project, perhaps you should sit down with them to talk about what their goals are for the video, who they think their audience is and what success will look like for them. It is important that the video always serves its target audience. Serving other interests might actually deter the message from reaching the desired audience and have the opposite effect of what it is intended for.



This will help you identify the reasoning behind some of their thoughts and help guide you with the planning process. Remember, while you need to take their ideas into consideration, it is important to realize their point of view may not be representative of your target audience.


In the planning process, ensure that you make clear the reasons why you’re making the video, the key messages or actions you want the audience to remember, and outline what will constitute success once the video is made. Once this is done, bring it back to your stakeholders and explain your reasoning.


When presenting this plan, it’s also important to discuss the budget and parameters that you will be working within. This will help drive the conversation and allow you to give a realistic picture of what the end product will look like.


Think about it like a travelling car. If your stakeholder is the one “driving” this video, you may need to act as the GPS – navigating them through the process, explaining each step so they can see the big picture and end up at a place that satisfies them, their audience and their clients.


You can create a compelling video that will engage your audience, making them more interested in learning more about your company while also satisfying your internal stakeholders. If you are confused about the merits of a video project or are unsure about what type of corporate videos would be best for a given initiative in order to take your business to the next level, please contact us.


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