Interview with Dave Fehr

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Interview with Dave Fehr


Dave Fehr has been a great advocate of our most recent TV pilot project, Donating Dreamscenes, Students Say! He has been a great contributor to the project’s popularity, especially on social media. A Project Estimator at Alberta Siding Projects, Dave filled us in on what he has been up to with his own community endeavours, specifically his own version of the famous television show Extreme Makeovers.


Nettel Media: What inspired you to start your version of the Extreme Makeover in Calgary?

Dave Fehr: Alberta Sidings Projects is very involved and active in the community, and one of our builders wanted to help out with a project that his local church was involved in. The project was a home makeover for a single mother of 4 whose house was in desperate need of major renovations. We wanted to step in and help as much as we could.


NM: What steps, companies, people, etc. made it possible? What was the reaction in the community?

DF: We wanted to stress that this is not a TV show that we did for profit or ratings. This was a free project that was intended to help a deserving family in need. The reaction was overwhelming. The project was a great success and just to be able to provide a home for the family was the most rewarding aspect. In fact, The project was spearheaded by Kerry W. of The Christian Contractor in Calgary. The project took two months in total to demolish the old house and build the new one from the ground up. Many families in the community stepped up and helped in many ways – as volunteers, companies, suppliers and more, without whom the project wouldn’t have been completed.


NM: What role did social media play in this project?

DF: Social media allowed the contractors to demonstrate the value of their work, and be able to keep the community up to date on progress throughout the two months of the project. Social media also played a role in outsourcing to other people who were involved in the project, or who wanted to become involved such as us at the Alberta Sidings Company. In fact, one of the effects was that more projects like this were put in to place after hearing about this one.


NM: How did you use video with this project?

DF: Videos played an invigorating role in this project. To be able to capture, on film, the progress that was made from day one onward was striking. There are videos of the house being torn down, interviews with the family, reaction/reveal videos and more. The videos really do speak for themselves. These are videos that the family can look back on, and also can demonstrate to others in the community the immense impact a project can have on many people’s lives.


NM: Did you intuitively use certain marketing techniques to promote these kinds of projects, or is it just trial and error?

DF: In this case, it seemed like the support and online support blew up from nothing! As I said before, the fact that we heard about this project and got involved inspired us to generate further interest and start our own Extreme Makeover project.


NM: What are your plans for the future with the Extreme Makeover in Calgary?

DF: After being inspired by the Home Makeover project, we are working on starting our own project. We’re currently collecting names of contractors that will join us and after that we’ll host a meeting and determine which house needs our help the most.


NM: How did you hear about the Donating Dreamscenes, Students Say project and what made you want to get involved in promoting it?

DF: The unique nature of the project – helping others while exploring one’s creativity was very inspiring. After messaging Kimberly on LinkedIn back and forth I knew this was a project I had to endorse.


Dave’s story is just one of many that demonstrates the power that social media can have on charitable efforts. If you come across a video or a profile that you become passionate about, or more interested in, we encourage you to share it with your friends, family and colleagues. By beginning those dialogues, you will be contributing to a larger picture of humanitarian work that can contribute to more success stories such as Calgary’s Home Makeover or Donating Dreamscenes Students Say!


For more information, check out the Donating Dreamscenes, Students Say Facebook page and the Alberta Siding Projects’ community involvement page. We’re grateful for the overwhelming support we’ve received for our project and are looking forward to future charitable endeavours.

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