Leveraging your marketing strategy with a webinar

Posted on: June 05, 2014 by Nettel Media

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Leveraging your marketing strategy with a webinar

If you are looking to leverage your video marketing in a new way, a webinar is a great way to do so. Webinars allow you to build an audience, demonstrate thought leadership, control the message, engage and create something new - all within a limited budget.


A webinar, or web-seminar is a form of real time conversation and collaboration where users can participate from remote locations. A company, or a group of individuals come together to discuss a topic and share information. Although many webinars cover marketing topics, a variety of others are also popular, including: medicine, education, athletics, and various product launches. Here are the top three benefits of hosting a webinar.


Demonstrate thought leadership

A webinar is a great way to show your expertise, if done properly. It is important to note that people will attend your webinar if you have something specific to offer them. If you are simply going to self-promote, you will not draw much of an audience. Therefore, it is important for you to brainstorm exactly what you want your audience to take away with before you create your webinar.


Ultimately, you do want a call to action, such as purchasing a product, contacting your business directly for more information or downloading your content, but this won’t be done unless your audience is first impressed with you. Guy Kawasaki’s “How To Get More Followers” webinar has been viewed thousands of times because he has a strong call to action, and most importantly follows through with valuable information.


Control the message

If you are hosting a webinar, you are in direct control of what the audience is going to hear. Webinars often utilize PowerPoint presentations and some form of a script, which is prepared in advance of the webinar. Therefore, when the webinar is “live” the presenters already know what they are going to say. Since they are not in front of an actual audience, they may be more confident presenters, and confident presenters build credibility. Aside from PowerPoint, you can also add video, but make sure the video files are not too large or you run the risk of faulty playback depending on the software you use. 



If you have recorded the webinar, once it is over you can edit it however you like. For example, if there is a slip-up, inappropriate comment from the audience or awkward silence, that can all be edited out.


Build an audience

There are many ways to build your audience with the help of a well executed webinar. Partnering with different companies or individuals allows you to broaden your audience and expose yourself to their customers and fans. You can also repurpose your content for your newsletter, website and social media, or create a blog post based on the key insights from the webinar.


A webinar is a great tactic to demonstrate your thought leadership, control the message and build an audience. There are a variety of free and cost-effective hosting services including Cisco WebEx, Anymeeting and Go To Meeting.


If you are interested in video marketing, editing or hosting a webinar, contact us. We can help you get set up.


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