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Posted on: June 04, 2015

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Live Stream Marketing

This spring, two new social media apps appeared on the scene that disrupted the market. Periscope and Meerkat became two hot topics that everyone wanted to get involved in - including brands.


What are these apps, and should my brand join?


The premise of Meerkat and Periscope are quite similar- stream live from anywhere and allow users to follow, comment and like the stream in real time. The user who is streaming can then interact in real time to the comments and questions that others are asking while watching the stream. Allowing this type of interaction and on-the-fly content creation can help brands demonstrate authenticity and trust with followers and other users.


Your first question may be: Why should I care? Well the thing is, consumers care. These apps are growing in popularity by the week, and according to Ooyala’s 2013 Global Video Index, consumers’ time spent watching mobile video has increased 133% year-over-year since 2013.


This real-time view marketing can allow the user and brand to interact in a more authentic and transparent way than other social networks enable. Meerkat and Periscope are also very accessible - they’re free and can be used for a variety of different activities - Q&As, demonstrations, tours, and live events and customer support are all opportunities that are suited to these live-streaming apps. When it comes to streaming live paid events (i.e. a concert, sport, etc.) there are intelectual property and copyrights to be considered. 


One of the features that many marketers are waiting to see become more prominent are the metrics. Stream views, average number of minutes tuned into, likes and where the viewers came from can help brands create a stronger strategy and build an engaged fan base. As these apps continue to grow in popularity, it’s likely the metrics will become more advanced, and in-stream advertisements may play a role down the road.


Though both of these live-streaming apps are still in the experimentation phase, it may be worth it to discuss whether this can factor into your business’ video marketing strategy. To find out more about how video marketing can have a positive impact on your business, contact us

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