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Posted on: January 31, 2013 by Nettel Media

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Whether it is a tagline, bio, hashtag or blog title, it seems that one of the key aspects of online branding is that messages are shrinking. This is very accurate, and it’s very important that businesses and brands take advantage of this.  Today, online users are constantly bombarded with images, stories and advertisements, not to mention what they set out to do on the Internet in the first place. You need your message to be short, but also informative and appealing. So how does one go about doing this? We’ve got you covered.


One of your goals should be to ensure that when people come across your brand, how they perceive your brand (“fresh”, “original”, “traditional”?) is consistent with what you want them to think of your brand. This counts for both on and offline advertising.  To do this effectively online, determine which messages belong where – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your company’s blog, Pinterest… once you get an idea, there’s lots of places for your message(s) to be displayed! Each platform has its own specific characteristics, and as such you need to tailor your message  to each platform.  


We suggest you stick to platforms that are relevant to your brand. Posting a bio introducing one of your new executives will not be as well received on Pinterest as it would in a blog post on your website, which you could direct people to via your company’s Facebook or LinkedIn page. Further, you should not just copy and paste the exact same message and post to different outlets, you will lose people on one or both networks who do not want to read the same thing twice.


Photographs, Infographics and Videos – oh my!

As mentioned in our previous blog post on video marketing, our online culture is highly visual. Therefore, in order to engage with your audience effectively, “break through the noise” and get your point across quickly – these three aspects of online communication should not be avoided, they should be embraced. This is a great way to get your message across without saying much.


If you are interested in a professional video to post on your website, send to your clients or use for other marketing purposes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be thrilled to discuss your ideas with you.


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