Promoting During the Holidays - Part I

Posted on: October 16, 2012 by Nettel Media

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Promoting During the Holidays - Part I


Canadian Thanksgiving has just passed, and with Christmas and winter holidays just around the corner we thought we’d let you in on a few tips for promoting your brand around the holidays, with a two part blog series.

First Things First

Take a look back and review what you did last year. You did take notes, didn’t you? Note which keywords and tactics were successful in building your brand, and how you can build from them to form effective campaigns this year. If you didn’t see the results that you had hoped for, think about changing up your game plan. If you did not take note of your metrics during the holidays, make notes this year on how you market your brand. These metrics will help determine what your brand is doing right, and where you can improve for next year.


Speaking of engaging with your audience…

Ask them what they’re doing this holiday season and actually listen and respond. This will demonstrate to them that you genuinely care about your audience. Something as simple as asking what they’re most excited for, their fondest memory of the holiday season or what their favourite recipe is are great questions to get your audience to converse with you. If you are going to do this, ensure that you respond in a timely manner. You’ll get bonus points if you can offer them something in return – such as an offer for the best ideas put forward.


Help out

Post helpful links and content– and don’t be afraid to stray away from your own content! Many people are busy and will be looking to others for everything from handy recipes to last minute gift ideas. Help them out! If you’re not sure where to point them, create a poll. This is a great way to gain the attention of your audience and draw more traffic to your website or social media page.


Can you handle it?

Ensure your site can handle increased website traffic- around 1/3 of consumers buy their holiday gifts only within 10 days of the holiday. The last thing that you want to have happen is your company website goes down when the majority of traffic is on your page browsing or trying to purchase something!


For more holiday marketing tips, keep an eye out for part two of this series, coming soon! 

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