Reflecting on NAB 2017.

Posted on: May 29, 2017 by Nettel Media Inc.

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Reflecting on NAB 2017.

The NAB Show came and went fast. As every year, the conference and trade show by the National Association of Broadcasters brought many distinguished broadcasting companies and other industry experts to Las Vegas, Nevada to reveal their new projects, technologies and their plans for the future before they are released to the public. Although we could talk about the many cameras, software, VR, etc. that stood out, we want to reflect on two of the presentations that took place, which show the impact that digital communication is having on the industry in general.


The first highlight of this convention was the M.E.T Effect. The M.E.T Effect stands for Media, Entertainment and Technology. The premise of the M.E.T. effect is a reflection about how pushing the boundaries of communication has transformed every human behavior, not only for the people producing content, but also for the public at large. All types of media (TV, Video, Gaming, Radio, VR, AR, etc.) are converging in an unprecedented way that had not happened before. This keynote presentation was the most talked about session at NAB this year. The following video provides an introduction as to what the M.E.T. Effect is . For anyone producing any kind of content, the M.E.T. effect is something to keep in mind and be aware of.


Even though the M.E.T Effect was an amazing new addition to the NAB Show, we cannot forget about Google’s presence. Google’s own, Shane Peros, the Managing Director of Global Broadcasting, moderated a session on how to bridge the gap between Linear TV and Digital TV. He informed many of TV’s brightest CTO’s and business leaders on how to best take advantage of the opportunity digital TV is providing them, as the eco system has changed from the era of traditional television to today's multi platform content consumption. This informative keynote was offered all three days of the NAB show.


The M.E.T. Effect and Google’s presentation, brought to light some of the most important truths that are affecting our industry, among them, the fact that we are all interconnected. Content, on-line games, etc. are coming from any part of the world, and can be consumed in a plethora of devices at any time audiences choose to do it. This means that, the massive creation of content should not be seen as a threat, but rather understood as an opportunity to cater to specific audiences that will connect with content that appeals to them. 


We know that the NAB show allows broadcasters and the general public to view, discover and get a sneak peak at the new and revolutionary technology that is being brought to the table for all content creators. But technology by itself does not mean much if we don't understand the changes in the content ecosystem around us. One and the other are intertwined and as each one evolves, one influences the other. Therefore, understanding the fundamental messages that both presentations brought to NAB is also key in understanding or approaching with a different perspective, what all the technological changes at this yearly conference mean and imply at a larger scale.


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