Short vs Long Form Video Marketing

Posted on: July 30, 2013 by Nettel Media

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Short vs Long Form Video Marketing

It’s difficult to ignore the fact that visual content is key to building a brand. Anywhere you look, high quality visuals, brightly coloured ads and dynamic videos that tell a story are the pieces of content that are grabbing the most attention. As someone who wants your company to attract an audience, what is the best way to do this?


As we have blogged about before, videos are a very efficient way to convey a message to your audience – whether you are notifying them of an offer, providing a tutorial, or just introducing a new product. The key is to know what type of video to use, and when.


In FreeWheel’s 2013 report on the state of video advertising, a key finding was that total video views increased 30% from 2012, with short-form (<5min) videos dominating over 80% of total video views. Short form videos are an efficient way to push out exciting content to an audience, resulting in brand buzz if done properly.


A fantastic example is this 2012 McDonalds commercial where their Director of Marketing shows viewers why a hamburger in an ad doesn’t necessarily look the same as the one you get at a store.  This 3 and a half minute commercial has drawn well over 8 million views and garnered attention all across the internet.


Once you receive clicks and comments on your videos, you will start to learn more about your audience and the type of content they enjoy. They may want more information on a specific topic relevant to your company’s offerings. If you have successfully established yourself as a leader and a credible source, the hope is that they will come to you for this content.


If you are considering creating a demo video for a product or highlighting some specials, we recommend producing a short video. If you found that your consumers are looking for some higher-level specialized tutorials or behind-the-scenes content, this is the type of information that could be ideal for a longer video.


It is important to note however, that an engaged consumer, wanting to receive detailed information about a topic or service, might actually be disappointed if a video is too short and it doesn't provide all the necessary information they are seeking. Home Depot has some video tutorials on home renovations that are just above 5 minutes, but the information is so relevant, that any person wanting to do a good job would be disappointed if the video was cut short. This reinforces the fact that you need to ensure you are aware of what your consumers are looking for and that you are able to provide that for them. 


Hosting a webinar is another great way to showcase thought leadership, although it is important to note your webinars should not be 30-minute sales pitches. If you’re hosting a webinar that means you already have people interested in your content! Keep the information useful and relevant to their needs.



If you have a loyal audience, they may do the work for you! In other words, your audience may create videos about your company, demonstrating their loyalty to your brand. These videos may be tutorials, detailed information about a product, or a personal response to an announcement you may have made. This is very powerful information that results from successful brand awareness campaigns. Some of this user-generated content may be really valuable and you may want to point your audience to it (just do a YouTube search for “Adobe Photoshop tutorial” and you’ll see!).


To learn more about video marketing and how it can benefit your company, contact us, we’d love to discuss it further with you.



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