So, what are Video Metrics?

Posted on: April 01, 2016 by Nettel Media Inc.

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So, what are Video Metrics?

Let’s face it, video is the thing and everyone knows it. Videos get people more excited and engaged with the message than paragraphs of text. As more companies, from small to large, embark in creating video content, not everyone is familiar with video metrics.


In a simple way, we can say that video metrics is the digital child of the ratings measurement methodology that has been used by television and radio for many years. The idea is to know the who, how and when as your content is being viewed. In the digital era the term video metrics can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way. Below are some of the basic metrics that can help you succeed in understanding how a particular video is working with your audience. If you are familiar to video metrics and would like to deepen your knowledge, then Vidyard provides a few on-line documents that are quite helpful.


The Engagement Metric

Engagement metric is how long the viewer watches your video. For example are they watching the entire video or did they click off halfway through it.


The Play Rate Metrics

Play rate is measuring the success of your video, that is, when people see a video thumbnail, how many actually click it to watch the video. That all depends on the thumbnail photo. An interesting picture will attract more viewers to click on it, than a generic one. Clearly, the more people who click on the video, the better. However, if they click off right away, then you are not meeting viewer expectations. 


The Number of Plays Over Time Metric

Instead of looking at the number of views on a video, look at the number of views the video gets each day after it’s launched. The more views a video gets over a period of time, then the more successful you can say it is. 


Who is watching

If your site visitors have volunteered their email address, if you are using a player that matches IP addresses, you will be able to see which videos they watch across your website and pages. Also, site like YouTube provide geographical data about your viewers, which allows you to know if the video has been seen around the world.



Most companies never analyze their video marketing performance. They will upload it and forget about it, hoping that somehow it will go viral. Video metrics have to be treated in the same manner as web analytics. They have to be revised continuously to know how well your content has been doing.


Truth is, without video metrics you cannot see if your viewers like what you’re posting and also you can’t get any feedback. The information you obtain through video metrics, will allow you to make decisions for your future content marketing campaigns. Video Metrics are here to help. You just have to remember to analyze them.


Here is a great sample of video metrics for a particular video posted by Google.

If you would like to know more about video metrics feel free to contact us. 

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