The importance of demonstrating Thought Leadership

Posted on: February 20, 2013 by Nettel Media

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The online world is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. New social media endeavors (such as the new Vine app) seem to be popping up regularly and countless amounts of information are becoming available online every second. How are you going to stand out from everyone else?


Demonstrating thought leadership is one of the most effective ways to do so. This means sharing expertise that you have in a certain field with your audience is paramount.


There are many ways that you can go about demonstrating your thought leadership. If you have spoken at an event, chances are you have already let people know by posting something online. Once you have spoken, don’t be shy about sharing your actual presentation online.  Slideshare is a great way to do this. Did you attend a seminar or conference? Share the key takeaways as well as your reflections in the form of a blog post.


Video tutorials are also a very handy way to pass on knowledge to your audience and clients, especially hands on technical skills. Videos are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership as they can be embedded into email posts and shared across social media platforms.


Finally, content curation is one of the dominant ways that you can stand out today by gathering information from different areas on the Internet and sharing them via a convenient location. Just make sure this information is shareable with others. .


There are other ways that you can demonstrate your thought leadership online, but in our opinion these are the most effective ones. By demonstrating your thought leadership, you’re indicating to your audience that you want to engage more with them and add value along the way, all the while positioning your brand as more sophisticated and approachable.


Have you recently received favourable press? Won an award? Finished a big project? Share it on your website, blog, and social media outlets. Are any of your clients or social media friends demonstrating thought leadership? Give them an endorsement by retweeting or mentioning them! This also shows your followers that you are in the know on your field, and willing to help others out and share the knowledge.


If you think that creating a video will help you demonstrate your thought leadership to your audience, contact us to find out more about our video marketing services.

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