Timing: When to post your video

Posted on: August 24, 2015 by Nettel Media

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Timing: When to post your video

When it comes to publishing your video or advertisement, timing is extremely important. You can have a stellar advertisement ready to be shown, but if you don't do your research and plan exactly where and when you want this advertisement to be shown, you may miss valuable opportunities to connect with potential customers, and in some cases may offend others. Here are a couple of tips to make sure you're publishing your advertisement for optimal engagement.


Before you create, carefully choose where you’re going to place your ad. This important step can be easily overlooked. It is crucial to determine the appropriate event and/or network to send out your video in order for it to reach your target audience. If you plan on setting up a video advertisement during a very popular event – realize that your budget will likely need to be higher as other advertisers will also be in the space. Think, for example, how many advertisers want to have their products seen during the Super Bowl and then consider the price tag for a 30 second advertisement. Additionally, consider that your video may get lost among the other ads if it’s in a crowded advertising space. 

The time of day is also important –don’t promote your video while your target audience is sleeping!


Also, determine your format. If you’re going to be posting it on your social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, determine if it makes sense for you to use a hashtag for the event or topic of the video. If it’s going to be a link on an event page or livestream ad, are you going to link it to your webpage or include a link straight to your video?


Before you post, check the news.  After you have created your video and you are ready for it to go live, ensure you are checking the news. If there is breaking news item, we recommend holding off on posting your video. People’s attention will turn to the news. Other content, especially branded content, will stick out –not in a good way. Also, look to see if there are other events going on that may clash with the messaging or topic of your video or advertisement as this will also create noise and conflict for your video.


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