Uganda Trip

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Uganda Trip

 On August 17th, Karene, the founder of Nettel Media, will be beginning what is sure to be an inspiring, challenging, and uplifting trip to Uganda with H2O 4 All in partnership with Save the Mothers – an organization that aims to educate officials in developing countries about safe maternity.

Karene, along with Director of Photography Moussa Faddoul will be documenting a trip that follows volunteers from Save the Mothers and H20 4 All on their journey to building and installing a 25,000L concrete water tank and filtration system powered by solar panels that will be attached to the Maternity Ward of Kawolo Hospital. On the roof of the hospital there will be a rainwater collection system as well, where collected rainwater can be stored and treated.

This is a big deal. Currently the understaffed (6 doctors serving a population of 600,000) Kawolo Hospital maternity ward has an unstable plumbing system so the ward goes most of the week without running water. In fact, some patients must gather their own water before entering the hospital. Each month, the project will provide approximately 5,000L of much needed water to the maternity ward at Kawolo Hospital.

Currently, the people of Uganda face many obstacles when trying to access water. Women will walk approximately 8 kilometers to access water that is not even clean. In Uganda, the scarcity of clean water often results in many complications in birth – 16 women die every day from pregnancy or childbirth complications in Uganda. Water is a vital part of life, and is especially important while delivering a healthy child.

Karene will be following and interviewing a number of people over the duration of the trip. The first people she will be following are two volunteers from Canada who are travelling together – a socially conscious teacher, and her 11-year-old student who informed her about the Uganda trip. She will also be following a doctor at the Kawolo Hospital, where the transformation will be taking place. A woman who is nearing the end of her pregnancy will also be featured. Karene will also be interviewing the Minister of Water and Environment in Uganda, to hear her perspective on the project in Kawolo and the local challenges. Further, a member of H20 4 All will also be featured, as they are experts on “giving life through water”.

Finally, Dr. Jean Chamberlain from Save the Mothers will be featured. Dr. Chamberlain is a very distinguished individual – she founded Save the Mothers, is a practicing obstetrician, and Director of the International Women’s Health program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. In 2009, Dr. Chamberlain was presented the Teasdeale-Corti Humanitarian award for her worldwide maternal health work. All of these people are directly involved in the project at Kawolo Hospital.

Once the water filtration system is put in place and in use, volunteers will go on a day long Safari. This portion of the trip is expected to be a period of reflection and emotional release following the completion of the water project installation.

Karene will be documenting as much as she can while in Uganda. She will be capturing her footage on a mini DV and also a flash card. Each day she will go back to the guesthouse where she is staying, review the footage and transfer it to an external hard drive. The result is sure to be a fantastic display of the events that occur over the course of the trip.


A “Music for Water” benefit concert will be held on June 10th at St. Christopher’s Anglican Church in Burlington, and will feature performances by Welsh Tenor, Gwyndaf Jones and friends. All proceeds are going to the H20 4 All trip. You can find out more information about the concert and purchase tickets here.


About the Organizations:

H20 4 All is an organization that works toward providing safe water systems where they are needed, and spreading awareness of water issues around the world. To learn more about this amazing organization, check out their website here.

Save the Mothers, founded by Dr. Jean Chamberlain, is an international organization that aims to educate local leaders on safe motherhood and maternity. The organization promotes safe childbirth in the developing world and promotion of health.


We hope that you will join us at the benefit concert, and will keep checking our Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with what’s going on! Check out the promo video here!


- Nettel Media Team




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