Video as a part of your CSR strategy

Posted on: April 08, 2014 by Nettel Media

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 Video as a part of your CSR strategy

Demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a vital aspect to public corporations. For many, this means taking the time to decide how to align your vision and values with the respective elements of the business. Employees or customers may be surveyed, CEO’s consulted and town halls held. 


Next comes the campaign. The campaign may be a relief effort, promoting certain values, making a donation of time, resources or employees. It is important that the campaign and initiative is aligned with the brand to begin with, as it will build trust in the brand amongst key stakeholders.


The most impactful way to demonstrate a company’s corporate social responsibility is through video. We will outline three reasons why you should consider video as a part of your CSR strategy: it’s a preferred way of digesting information, it’s easily shareable and it is cost-effective.



Reading about a relief effort and seeing a few images may gain the attention of some folks, but a video will hold their attention and touch them more deeply. A lengthy report may be set aside to read later and eventually forgotten, yet many of us are willing to take a couple minutes out of our day to visit YouTube and watch a video. This is not to say that a company shouldn’t have any collateral at all when it comes to their CSR efforts, but knowing that people are more likely to watch a video should be taken seriously.


Easily shareable

A video has the ability to highlight many aspects of a campaign in just a few minutes, and do so in a highly visual manner. It can introduce a campaign, the relevant issues, results, key audiences and pull at the heartstrings of the audience.. Further, it can be shared on social media, your website and included in email newsletters.



Creating a short video for your company’s CSR initiatives doesn’t have to be a huge cost. Putting together a plan, shooting and editing a video does not have to take up too many resources, and the benefits outweigh the costs. The video is not a one-time use either. It can be hosted on a company’s website, shown at events, emailed to journalists or used it other ways, increasing the number of impressions it makes.


Take, for example, Intel’s two-minute video that highlights some of their CSR goals. The video features various communities, initiatives and uses strong messaging to capture the audience’s attention. Other related information is also available on the webpage. This video is captivating and provides valuable information in less than two minutes.


If you think that video should be part of your CSR strategy, feel free to reach out to us.


(photo via Tom Raftery, flickr)

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