Video Marketing as a Conversion Tool

Posted on: August 21, 2014 by Nettel Media

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Video Marketing as a Conversion Tool

Some business owners may think that they need to have a big budget to get some attention their way. It seems easy for them to catch attention and spread awareness about a new product or service with ease.

Non-global brands and other businesses can gain new customers and bring new visitors to their website if a specific strategy is thought out and well executed. A well-executed video marketing campaign can help bring in new customers, ultimately resulting in higher sales and more brand loyalty. While it’s important to stand out, there are some key ingredients you need to include to ensure success.

  1. Plan

According to Brightcove, a well-thought out video marketing tactic can increase online conversions by 65%. The key to doing this is ensuring that you understand your target audience. If you create a video that does not appeal to them, it will not get viewed. It’s also important to consider the length of your video, the specific key message(s) you would like to get across, and what your desired outcome is. Do you want them to visit your website, come to your store, or contact you?

  1. Engage and inform

Once you have a plan in place and understand the needs of your audience, it’s time to engage them. How are you going to capture your audience’s attention? For the company PooPurri, humour worked in their favour, so much so that the product quickly saw sales in the millions, and was temporarily out of stock.

Once you have their attention, you need to hold it. Convey the most important information to your audience in an efficient and interesting way. Rambling on will do no good. Short and seemingly random information will not either, especially given people can “skip” your ad, click on the next video, go to a new website or change the channel.

You don’t necessarily need to follow an industry formula on how to present the information. For example, airlines such as Virgin America and United Airlines have recently changed up the safety videos on their aircrafts. Not only were these videos used on flights, they were also strategically posted on YouTube, where both have millions of views and shares.

  1. Call to action

This is the most important, yet most overlooked “ingredient”;  ensuring you tell viewers what to do next. You’ve put so much work into your video; you’d like people to act once they have finished watching it, right? 

Once you’ve given information to your audience, you need to tell them what to do with it. What is it you actually want the audience to do? Whether it’s visiting your webpage, coming to your store, joining a discussion online or phoning you, you need to ensure those options are explained in a clear and captivating way.

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