Video marketing for small businesses

Posted on: January 20, 2015 by Nettel Media

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Video marketing for small businesses

You don’t need to have a big budget to make a big impact with your customers via video. A well-planned and executed video marketing campaign is not only possible for big companies. If you own your own business or are part of a small business, video marketing is something worth considering.


Video marketing is a very effective way to cut through the ‘noise’ that exists online. Writing about your company or a product you want to feature is not likely to get much attention. And that’s simply because there is so much content available online these days, readers are overwhelmed.


Creating a dynamic video that shows your audience why they should be interested in your company is more likely to capture and hold their attention, plus it also provides  the opportunity to link to other pages or offer a call to action.


The idea is to start a conversation and demonstrate your expertise. If you are able to successfully communicate thought leadership visually, trust should follow. Consider this 15-second Instagram video from a letter pressing company that demonstrates cutting paper. It is a much more entertaining and engaging way to reach customers than writing about it.


Once you have determined the goal and message for your video, you must next determine the type of video that would best suit your goal. How are you going to get the message across most effectively? We have recently posted a blog detailing alternatives to the traditional video advertisement.


An additional component to consider is the placement of the video. The video can live on your YouTube page, can be placed on your website with more information or can go on your most active social media platform – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (15 second video only). You are also able to include it in email.


If you are using these media, it’s important to consider a written component explaining what the video is and what information will be provided to those watching it. An important aspect to consider is your target audience and where they spend their time. A younger audience may prefer a 15-second Instagram video to an email marketing campaign, for example.


When your video is complete and ready to be uploaded, take your time when determining the title to ensure it will be searchable. Also consider this if uploading to YouTube – you can use the tags and descriptions there as well.


One of the larger roadblocks when it comes to video marketing for small businesses is cost. It is important to create a budget that is realistic for your goals and financial situation, keeping in mind your target audience. From there, you should be able to determine what type of service you will require, and can work with the provider that fits your goals, budget and intended outcomes.


For more details on planning a video marketing strategy, see our blog post on video marketing as a conversion tool or contact us.


(Image: Peter Taylor via Flickr)


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