Video Marketing - Not Just Ads.

Posted on: October 27, 2014 by Nettel Media

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Video Marketing - Not Just Ads.

When you think of video marketing, what comes to mind? For some people, they think of advertisements. Yes, video marketing does include explicit advertisements, but there are other ways to get your audience interested in what your company has to offer.


If all the videos you are producing are advertisements, your audience will likely get bored of them quickly. They may want to know more about your company, want to know some key information or be looking into your community involvement. Video is a great opportunity to showcase this information in an accessible and shareable format. Therefore, it is important to diversify your videos. We’ll outline four types of video alternatives to traditional advertisements.


Informational – Closely related to a traditional advertisement, an informational advertisement could provide facts about a particular cause such as climate change or obesity and either end there or provide a call to action. Sometimes these advertisements are in the form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) whereby social statistics are shared and then the company is shown providing a solution to the problem or helping with a cause related to the issue. It is important to ensure that your brand is well aligned with a cause, or you may receive backlash as Coca Cola did for their video addressing obesity.


Company culture – If you are looking to recruit or have applied for an award, a video showcasing your company culture is a great way to convey the personality of your office by showing the office, interviewing employees and using multimedia like graphics and music to tell your corporate story, as Zappos has done.


Highlight reel – An advertisement that should speak for itself! A highlight reel can work for companies that are media focused, pulling together impressive data for a case study or being used for recruitment. Anyone from football players to dancers, musicians and videographers have highlight reels of their own. These often live on their website and may be sent to potential coaches or clients.


Experiential  – Promoting the brand through experience and excitement is a great way to motivate your audience to act on a call to action. These videos are often emotional and are often shared on social media, such as the Bud Light “Wild Night” commercial or the CIBC Run for the Cure promotional video. For causes like the latter, often there are videos that highlight how many people participated in the run and show how much money was raised in the hopes that more will join next year.


It is important to ensure you map out your marketing goals before creating  your video to ensure you have chosen the right video version for your marketing goal and audience. For more information about video marketing, what might be right for you and to set up a meeting, get in touch today.

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