Welcome to our new website!!

Posted on: July 12, 2012 by Nettel Media

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Welcome to our new website!!

We are extremely happy to launch our new website. It has been a bit of a long journey, but like any other project, the things in life that are worth doing require their own time, continuous effort and an honest evaluation every step of the way.


We have been very fortunate to work with companies such as LinxSmart, whose staff members have really guided us in many instances. Their feedback and insight with regards to our website really keep us looking forward to what’s ahead.


We are also extremely relieved that our partner and friend Ian Turner, from Sydcam Communications, rewrote our content. Ian is a double edge sword, but in a good way. Not only is he an excellent writer, he also has many years of experience in marketing. Hence, he always finds the perfect way to balance audience engagement while marketing each aspect of the business. We find Ian’s copy refreshing, to the point and valuable to our clients.


We realized that as a video marketing company we needed to showcase the kind of work that we do, the clients that we serve and the creativity that we can bring to any business in a way that aligns with our company values and passions. We also needed a website that would allow us to refresh our video and copy content without any hurdles. This new website is allowing us to do so and we believe it is a step in the right direction.


We are particularly excited about two of our new pages: Español and Language Versioning. Español allows us to showcase our company directly to the Hispanic market not only in Canada, but also in the United States and beyond. The Language Versioning page opens a door for those clients that are either interested in tapping into the ethno cultural markets, or who might need to showcase their product or service at the international stage.


We invite you to take your time and browse through the site. You will find a variety of our video projects, as well as information that may benefit your company. If you want to imagine the creative possibilities for your business, then watch the videos under Our Work page or our You Tube Channel.


Whether you are already using video or have ideas that you want to put into action, you have come to the right place.


Thanks to everyone that has helped us with this big step in the growth of Nettel Media. Enjoy the site! 

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