Why having a marketing strategy is vital for video production

Posted on: March 14, 2014 by Nettel Media

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Why having a marketing strategy is vital for video production



Just because you have the means to make a video for your marketing purposes doesn’t mean you should right away.


Many businesses understand the value of video and are eager to jump in, but do so too quickly. Why blame them? YouTube is the second largest search engine after all. However, Pixability Inc. recently conducted a study on over 200,000 business videos from the top 100 brands and found over 50 per cent had less than 1,000 views. That is pretty disappointing.


What some of these brands may not realize is that without a strategic plan, the chances of their video being seen are very slim. Video production may not even be what your company needs to create at this moment to achieve your business goals. That is why creating a marketing strategy is vital.


The purpose of a marketing strategy is to explore and understand your businesses current position and develop a strategy to inform and persuade your customers.


Elements of a marketing strategy may vary, but often include: an executive summary, a situational analysis (target market, competitors, marketplace) and  objective(s). Tactics, budget, evaluation measures and a long-term schedule are then included in the ensuing marketing plan. It is important to ensure that you know what you’re doing when you’re creating these elements for your business.


Once the actual marketing plan is created, it is important to refer to it to not only monitor, but measure the success of a campaign. Keeping track of a campaigns success, weak points and other data will help your business progress.


So, video may be a part of your marketing strategy, but you must ensure that it works with the objectives that you are trying to accomplish and with the other tactical elements of your marketing plan.  Creating a plan and looking at the “big picture” will help you determine if it’s the right course of action.


For more information on marketing strategies and plans and their elements, refer to this blog post we recently wrote. If you are specifically interested in marketing solutions, we suggest contacting Sydcam Marketing Communications, which offers customized services for small and medium businesses.


Still not sure if video is right for your company? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.


Best of luck!


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