Why should your company consider using Facebook Live?

Posted on: March 03, 2017 by Nettel Media Inc.

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Why should your company consider using Facebook Live?

In less than 2 months it will be a year since Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook live. The live video platform has consistently become more popular. It basically allows people or companies that have a Facebook page to broadcast and share a live video with their friends, as well as with their followers. Up until now, there is a limit of 4 hours for a live feed and after that time, the video is published to the user’s feed. Once published, people have access to delete the video if wanted.


So, why should a company or individual consider Facebook live, when there are already thousands of videos playing on the newsfeeds? For the regular individual, it is a tool to connect with their friends and followers. For larger corporations, it is a new platform to showcase products or services. And for traditional broadcasters, it is a way to tap into the multi-generation audiences that receive most of their content on line.


Such is the case, that Facebook Live has been quickly adopted by different broadcasting companies, many of them being news outlets such as Fox News and Univision. The tool allows them to broadcast at any time, without having to go through the traditional scheduling hurdles of Television. Breaking news can take place without disrupting any viewers. For companies, rather than waiting for a news release to be picked up by a media outlet, Facebook Live allows them to communicate right away with their target audience.


To find a video by a broadcaster or company, viewers and followers can go on the company’s page and, if the video is live, it will show on the news feed. Any Facebook user is able to subscribe, so viewers will be notified when the page or person goes live.


This feature allows people to connect easily. As Facebook states on its website - Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Viewers are able to provide their opinions, feedback, ask questions, etc. which in turn allows companies to evaluate how the “show is going”. Certainly, there are tools to customize and control the live feed, such as restricting the audience of a video by age, gender, location and language, etc.


The possibility of having access to their audiences’ feedback provides companies with a tool to improve their content and better understand their audience. On the other hand, for outlets, such as newscasts, these interactions might require close monitoring, especially when dealing with topics such as politics or religion.


It is important to remember that in a Facebook live broadcast, your audience will see whatever you say, good or bad, at that exact moment. Hence when speaking for a brand or company, it is always good to know the intended message ahead of time in order to avoid costly mistakes. However, with more than 1.23 billion Facebook users, it is worth exploring what a live broadcast might do for your brand. If you need to consult on how to prepare for a live broadcast, please contact us.

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